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Which blogging platform suits you best?

To aid this era’s push for global communication and self-expression, the blog has risen. Thinking about starting one? You’ve got plenty of options; here’re the basics. www webroot com safe


WordPress is considered to be one of the finest blogging platforms from both software and community perspectives. The WordPress software, which is available for free download at the website, is built open-source by a rich, thriving, worldwide organization. Don’t have your own server? No prob. has you covered; starting a blog there is a cinch and, though more restrictive than the independent WordPress software, is backed by an active community of readers and like-minded bloggers.

In the end, you’re probably best-suited for WordPress if you’re among the classy and formal writers or photographers. Though there certainly is a niche for the hipsters here, they’re best fit somewhere else. webroot com safe


Tumblr is a new force in the blogging industry but it’s already gained some traction, especially among pop culture. The free service offers hundreds more themes than WordPress and virtually limitless access to your blog’s design, a pay-only bonus to WordPress users. Though not open-source and at times a bit creaky, the site runs fairly smoothly and boasts a colorful community of photographers, bands, pop culture enthusiasts, and, er, meme-ers. A lot of meme-ers. Oh — fashion divas have taken to Tumblr, too; Lady Gaga has one. And she brought all her damn “little monsters” with her. Ugh.

Anyways, Tumblr is for you if (a) your friends call you a hipster, (b) you take a lot of really abstract photos, (c) you’re between the ages of 15 and 24, or (d) you’re old but your fan base consists of people between the ages of 15 and 24. Meet just one of those requirements, and Tumblr is for you. Tumblr isn’t for if you’re a recovering porn addict, because, trust me, being on Tumblr guarantees that you’ll see nudes. They’re hippie like that.


Posterous is, well, it’s interesting. It’s kind of like a mix between Google Plus and Tumblr in that it lets you control who sees what via “circle”-ish things and that it specializes in the Tumblr-born post types and the hipster community. The service hasn’t really found its fame yet, though, and I don’t know if it ever will.

It can, however, boast one of the best mobile apps of every service listed here. In the end, Posterous is best for you if you want to control who sees what you post or simply if any of the other services listed here don’t quite do it for you. Don’t use Posterous if you’re happy with one of the other services, though; they have better community backings.


HubPages isn’t really a blogging service, not by definition, but it offers the same basic service; publication of writings. What makes HubPages unique, though, is that one of its strongest boasting points is its ad-revenue program. That’s the primary drive behind most all publications on HubPages; the fact that it lets its users use ads to earn money.

WordPress doesn’t offer that at all. In fact, it even blocks third-party ads that you place yourself. Though Tumblr allows users to place ads on their blog, they don’t offer a native way to do. HubPages does. Use it if you’re in it for the money.


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