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How to Copy and Paste on a Mac PC?

It is possible to save time by cutting, copying, and pasting directly on your computer. You can copy and paste text from websites into a Word document, email or other format. These shortcuts can be used to cut files or folders and then paste them in a new place. For Mac users, these shortcuts will allow you to copy, cut and paste files or folders using your trackpad, mouse, keyboard or mouse.

Copying and Pasting on a Mac

You can use either the keyboard shortcuts or the contextual menu to copy and paste text, images or files onto a Mac. When you tap on the trackpad or mouse, you will see the contextual menu.

The keyboard shortcuts are the best way to copy/paste.

Copy and Paste using Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Select the text or image that you wish to copy. To highlight text from your keyboard, hold down the Shift key and use the up-and-down arrow keys. To highlight text, you can either left-click the mouse and drag it across it.
  • Next, press Command+ C on the keyboard. Holding down the Command button (the icon that looks like this) press the letter “C” once. This will copy any text or images to the clipboard.

Note You can only copy one set text and/or image at a time. You can only copy one set of text and/or images at a time. It will replace the previous copy. 

  • To paste the copied text, open a program. The Text app on Macs is an ideal place to save and paste text and images.
  • To paste, press Command + V. This will copy the text and/or images from your clipboard.

Note You can only copy one set text and/or image at a time. You can only copy one set of text and/or images at a time. It will replace the previous copy.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can cut text and images instead of copying to move them around. The Cut command, which will remove the text from the original file, is different to copying.

  • Select the text or image that you wish to cut.
  • Use Command + X to access your keyboard.

You can also right-click on the highlighted text or images to select Cut from the pop up contextual menu.

In most applications, you can also access the “Edit” menu to make a cut.

  • Use Command + V to copy the text. Right-click in any app to open the contextual menu, or the Edit menu.

To paste text without preserving the formatting (size, font color, etc.) of the original text, press Command + Shift + Options + V.

This option can be found in the context menu under Paste or Match Style.

How To Cut and Paste Files And Folders

You can move files and folders on your Mac with Command + C or Command + V. But, unless you need duplicates, it is best to copy and paste files and directories.

This is how to copy and move files or folders on a Mac using cut and paste.

  • Choose the file that you wish to copy.
  • Use Command + C to copy the file to your clipboard. This will copy the file into the clipboard.
  • Navigate to where you want to place the file.
  • Use Command + Option + V to move the file/folder you have copied from one location to another.

The Edit menu bar in the Finder also has the option to move files. To get the Move Item Here option, you must press the Option key while in the menu.

Copying and Pasting with a Mouse

  • Highlight the text and image that you wish to copy.
  • Right-click your mouse to copy the contextual menu.
  • To paste the copied content, open a program. Point your cursor where you want the copied content to be placed.
  • Right-click your mouse to select Paste from the contextual list

You can also access the Paste option in most applications’ Edit Menu.

Copying and Pasting with a Trackpad

  • Select the text you wish to copy. This can be done by pressing the trackpad and moving the cursor over the area that you wish to copy.
  • To open the contextual menu, tap anywhere on the trackpad using two fingers.
  • Copy.
  • Copy what you have copied into a program.
  • With two fingers, lightly tap any space on the trackpad. This will open the menu that allows you to choose from a variety of pasting options.
  • Choose Paste.

You now know how to paste and copy on a Mac. Check out our list here of the best Mac keyboard shortcuts.

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